Hot Shots Performance Academy

Andre Mewett - LTA Level 4 Tennis Coach

Andre Mewett – LTA Level 4 Tennis Coach

International, National and County Programs
for Young Athletes


The goal of these programs is to assist in the development of the U8, U10 and U12 to international player level.

Andre’s performance program focuses on young players who wish to gain international level competencies.

Through the U8, U10, U12 and U14 national programs our young athletes receive high quality tennis training. Our Tennis Australia and LTA coaches have over 30 years on tour coaching experience.


Professional tennis coaches worldwide agree that training for the 8-12 year age group is critical in player development. A focused program for that age group is paramount for any athlete.

The overall objectives for this program are three-fold:
•    Development (8-12 years of age) –From Red ball through to Green ball   on a fast track program.
•    Team work gives the top players developmental opportunities –    Specific tennis programs and international tours.
•    Parental education and information sharing about the nature and scope of their children’s tennis interest.

High Performance training is designed to achieve the competitive competencies and skills needed for the professional tennis tour circuit. Each individual is evaluated and given plans to develop:
•    Physical strength and agility
•    Technical skills
•    Tactical skills
•    Psychological robustness
•    Competitive competencies/skills.

Experience on different playing surfaces (in particular clay) is also key in the development of the professional player. Therefore, the team will look to access clay court tours where possible to ensure our youngsters develop optimally for the long term. Tours may include travel to Europe, and Australasia.

Performance 7-9 year olds

Performance 7-9 year olds

Achievement Feedback and Rewards

Andre grades each player’s performance to show the level they have achieved in that session. The team –  coach, student and parent – agree on a reward for the top grade. This varies, and is dependent on each player’s needs and desires.

Eligibility for the grading will be when the team feels the young athlete is ready.

Sponsored players will be invited to the assistance program which begins in a player’s first year U14. Players are involved on this for a twelve-month period.

Performance 10-13 year olds

Performance 10-13 year olds

Expectations of players on the Performance Program (sample)

8 Hours tennis training per week to include basic technical work and tactical work during games based situations.
3.5 hours on other ball sports
2 hours on ABC (Agility – Balance – Coordination)
45 minutes on specific speed work
1000 skips per day

12 Hours tennis training per week to include advanced technical work, tactical work and the psychological development for the individual which includes a reading list.
2.5 hours on speed
1 hour on strength
1 hour on endurance
1.5 hours on flexibility and mental stamina
2 hours on other sports

16 Hours tennis training.  This is an individual program agreed with the team and includes learning to compete at international tournaments.